What we do

Our mission is to make web3 automation accessible.

Business Problem

In the dynamic Web3 industry, where daily transaction volumes have peaked at over $10 billion, many functions necessitate conditional or repetitive execution. For Web3 users, builders, and decentralized applications, timely and precisely parameterized execution of these functions is imperative. Ditto empowers to leverage our modular infrastructure, enhancing user experiences with innovative functionalities. Our overarching vision is to establish ourselves as the default platform for automative programmable accounts, elevated by modular infrastructure.

Functional requirements

Users can effortlessly construct any workflow, encompassing event-based or time-based triggers and executing up to a hundred actions within the connected applications. Conditional logic ensures that only actions meeting predefined specifications are executed. Advanced rules govern automated transactions to control volumes and costs. Additionally, Ditto creates modules that essentially interconnect all mentioned applications, executing actions based on predefined specifications and conditions within the built and activated workflow.