Rewards system

Rewards System On the main screen of our platform, you’ll find a “Rewards” tab. This section is dedicated to unveiling the intricacies of our rewarding system, tailored to enhance your user experience and engagement.
Rewards section from app.dittonetwork.io
Referral Codes Inside this tab, you’ll find referral codes. You start with three codes, each serving as a unique invitation for new users to explore the offerings of Ditto Network.
Earning Points As you navigate through the platform, various actions will earn you points, enhancing your engagement and rewards.
Here’s the breakdown:
Invite Users: Every new user invited earns you 30 points. Create a Smart Wallet: Each smart wallet creation garners 20 points. Launch Automations: Earn 10 points for every automation that reaches an 'active' or 'completed' status.
Points Allocation
30 Points: Earned for each new user that joins through your referral code. 20 Points: Awarded for each smart wallet you create. 10 Points: For every automation that is actively used or completed.