Entry Point

The Entry Point module acts as a cornerstone for orchestrating workflows within our ecosystem. It lays down the framework for creating, managing, and executing workflows, providing a structured approa

Core Functionalities

  • Workflow Creation:
    • Allows the definition of workflows with a set of parameters for checks and actions:
      • Checkers: Entity that can verify pre-defined conditions on-chain (Price, Time, Health Factor)
      • Actions: A set of on-chain interactions executed by the vault.
    • Each workflow is identified by a unique workflowKey and specified executor address which can call workflow methods.
  • Workflow Execution:
    • Run Function: Invokes the workflow by automation services, ensuring all checks pass before execution.
    • RunGelato Function: A specialized wrapper for the run function, handling gas fees for Gelato and ensuring calls are made by a dedicated message sender from Gelato's side.
  • Workflow Deactivation:
    • Allows for the deactivation of workflows by specifying the workflowKey, ensuring clean-up and cancellation of tasks if necessary.